MBA Elite Personal/Small Group Training Program

Personal training at MBA is offered to players of all levels. Private training is the most individualized program that MBA offers. A typical training session will entail a group of 2-5 players, per trainer. The training group is determined by skill development and/or ability. The MBA trainer forms his/her own groups, by adding or subtracting players, to customize the perfect training session for his/her clients.

Training Breakdown

Our professional training staff will fine tune a player’s fundamental package, so that there are no flaws in their game. Offensive concepts of basketball are the main focus of the workouts including proper shooting technique and ball handling. Private training sessions are broken down into three phases: shooting, ball handling, and live play.

Shooting Phase

It is important that basketball players understand how to shoot the basketball properly from the ground up. In other words, technique starts from the positioning of the feet, to the alignment of the hips, up to their hand placement. MBA trainers will make sure jump shot mechanics are perfect every time the athlete shoots the ball. As a player advances through the learning stages, more advanced shooting drills will be incorporated into their workouts. Players must be able to spot shoot, shoot off the dribble, shoot off the triple threat and shoot off screens.

Ball Handling Phase

Ball handling is the other key offensive concept that our trainers work hard to implement into a player’s fundamental package. Ball handlers must have the basketball on a string. In other words, a player needs to be able to do anything with the ball that they want to. Players sharpen these skills through stationary one hand and two hand ball handling drills to build hand strength and quickness. As a player advances through the learning stages, more advanced ball handling drills will be incorporated to their workouts. Players must learn to change directions, on the run, while maintaining possession of the basketball. Players must have multiple ball handling moves to enable them to freeze defenders and shoot,, pass, or drive with the basketball.

Live 1 v 1 Phase

The final phase incorporates live play so that players can implement drill concepts into game situations. This can be done by 1 on 1 and/or 2 on 2 play.

Video Analysis

We will use, when needed, our new state of the art video equipment during training sessions.  It is proven that kids are typically visual learners so by using video analysis, we can better show our players their training sessions to help them improve their games. From shooting form to 1 v 1 moves we can breakdown a players skills to help them become a better player. 

MBA Select Basketball Coaching/Training Staff

Rod Creech

MBA Select Owner, Lead Trainer, Coach

I am a high energy guy. I have something inside of me that drives

me everyday, to help teach the kids of today, how to become a complete basketball player. The game is different today, than it was when I was growing up. We went to the park and played all day long, sun up to sun down, winners stay. You lose, you get off the court. Games were intense, you learned that you had to play hard all the time!! We did not have travel basketball, or our high school coaches opening the gym for us to play, taking us to team camps, playing in shoot outs. Those opportunities did not exist.


Players today play a lot of basketball, which is a good thing, because you have to have basketball instincts to be good. The other part is having a solid fundamental package. I am a

perfectionist when it comes to proper shot mechanics. I see a lot of kids that cannot shoot the basketball with any consistency. They may have heard about proper mechanics, but do not always implement proper mechanics when shooting on their own. For every player that I work out, every shot must be fundamentally correct. Only then, will a player start to have

consistency in their jump shooting. What about the dribble moves? Being able to break the defense down properly and then make the right decision with the ball. Do I shoot a pull up three because I have created enough space with my move? Do I one hard dribble my defender then pull up because I have sold the

defender so hard on going to the basket that I have space to shoot. What about getting to the basket with my move and understanding that I have drawn two defenders to me and

somebody on my team must be open I need to find them and get my teammate a good look. These are things that I wake up everyday thinking about. How can I get players that workout at MBA to have a great fundamental base and have a high basketball IQ.


I will leave you with this

thought; Players are not born they are made, and they are made by getting the best instruction that you can find, listening to what is taught to you and then outworking everybody else in the

country! In life and basketball we all get what we deserve, if you want to be the best you need to train like you want to be the best and you need to train with the best! Hope to see you at MBA working on your game!!



  • 2012 Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame inductee.
  • Single Season Scoring record at Penn High School
  • USA Today High School All American
  • Indiana 2nd Team All State
  • Northern Indiana Conference Player of the Year 1987
  • Sectional & Regional Champions. Semi State (Final 8) runner up
  • College Basketball Scholarship Saginaw Valley State University
  • 1987 GLIAC Conference Freshman of the Year Award
  • Top 10 in Career leader board at SVSU in 5th-Games played 115
  • 2nd-Assists 447
  • 9th- Field Goals Made 538
  • 2nd-Steals 188
  • 5th-Total Points Scored 1,615
  • 2nd-Free Throws made
  • Played professionally with High Five America based out of San Diego California 1992-1994
  • Has trained 22 Indiana All Stars

Troy Baughman

ESC Owner, Coach, Lead Trainer

Coach Baughman has been coaching teams and training basketball players for the past 15 years.


Why do I coach: “To develop lasting relationships and to shape and mold the lives of young people so they can be the best they are capable of becoming”


Training philosophy - Train using live defense, using actual game type actions and repping them out.  I believe you must first master the fundamental movements of the skill, rep them out to become habit, use against guided defense, then against live defense.  Learning the skills are one thing, but being able to use them against live defense and understanding how and why to use an action is a whole different thing. 


I have been blessed to work with some great players in our area over the years and continue to look forward to helping the players in our community continue to improve their games.



  • Played High School basketball locally at Northridge HS.
  • 3 Year HS starter at PG
  • Full ride college scholarship to Tri-State University (Trine)
  • Played college 4 years started 3 1/2 years
  • Member of the 1000 pt. club
  • 3rd all time in assists
  • Defensive Player of the Year
  • Coached many teams from 2nd grade to seniors in HS
  • Trained and coached over 15 players that currently play in college
  • Graduate assistant coach 1 year at Tri-State University


Coaching certificates:


  • NFHS Accredited Interscholastic Coach
  • NFHS Certified Interscholastic Coach
  • American Coaching Academy Coaching Certification Program
  • Brendan Suhr (Coaching U) PHD in Coaching Course
  • USA Basketball Gold License Coach
  • Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach
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