Check out quotes from former MBA parents and players

“We have been blessed to have Rod Creech train all four of our kids for many years. They each received a full-ride to play basketball in college. Rod played a big part in that happening. His commitment to skill development and work ethic are second to none! He truly cares about getting the fullest potential out of each individual that he trains and does it so well!”

Spence and Peggy Lutz


“One of the biggest things that Rod was able to instill in me at a young age was the intensity and fire that you need to train, practice and play at. Every training session with Rod molded me to where I am today, playing football for Michigan State University. Training with Rod does more than get you physically ready for battle, he also gets you mentally ready for any task that is put in front of you. Thank you Rod, you prepared me to successful”

Dante Razzano, Edwardsburg HS 2016, Michigan State University Junior Linebacker


“Rod’s wisdom around the game is top notch. He will challenge you to get better, learn the game, and outwork the competition. I learned the game of basketball from Rod and was able to develop as a leader under his guidance. There is no other trainer who will push you harder and encourage you to succeed like Rod does.”

Sydney Smallbone, St. Joe HS 2007 State Champions, University of Tennessee, 2008 National Champions and St. Joe HS girls head coach and State Champions 2017.


“Training with Rod took my game to the next level. I was consistently pushed out of my comfort zone and challenged to be a more well rounded player. As a post player, I was taught how to attack off of the dribble and shoot from the outside to help expand my game. Most importantly, I learned what toughness looked, felt and acted like and developed a confidence in my game that I could carry with me wherever I played.”

Taylor Parmley, Mishawaka HS 2014, Grand Valley State University 2018 graduate


“Training with Rod Creech was instrumental to my growth as a basketball player. He brings his intensity and genuine love for the game to every workout so that each one is productive, and players really get better. I am grateful for the skills I learned while training with Rod, as they translated exceptionally well to division I basketball and allowed me to make an impact at the college level. Any player who is serious about competing at the highest level should train with Rod.”

Murph Raster, St. Joe HS 2015, Indiana All Star. Harvard University 2019 graduate


“I have known Rod since I was a baby. I basically grew up in the gym as he trained and coached all 3 of my older sisters. I remember at a young age wanting to play basketball at a higher level. Watching some amazing players before me go through the MBA program, Melissa Lechlitner, Sydney Smallbone, Becca Bruszewski and so many more. I saw what Rod had created in them and I wanted that. When I was on the court with Rod he pushed me to the extreme, he was a great motivator and teacher. His passion to make me great was what allowed me to play Division I basketball.”

Jordyn Frantz, Northwood HS class of 2015, St. Louis University 2019 graduate


“Rod’s training did not only help me as a basketball player, but as a person, a leader and someone with a purpose. His training programs will push you to your limits and get you out of your comfort zone. Not only has he worked with multiple division one athletes, he has worked with kids of all ages. He will do what is necessary in order to get you to the level of play that you want to get to. He starts with the basics and when those are mastered, the possibilities are endless. But he WILL get you to where you want to go. Take it in or leave it out.”

Austin Torres, Penn HS class of 2013, University of Notre Dame 2018 graduate


Rod’s Training was instrumental in helping me attain my dream of playing D-1 college basketball. His wisdom, leadership and knowledge on the court was awesome but what most don’t grab a hold of is how he inspires you and leads you off the court. Skills like proper nutrition, work ethic, discipline, supplementation, recovery, proper sleep, are transferable life skills that are still deeply rooted in my lifestyle today. Rod helped shape us into the best versions of ourselves. He pushed me hard on the court to prepare me for the next level, but held my teammates and I to an even higher standard off the court. One of the things I respect the most about Rod, is that he leads by example. He expects a lot out of his athletes and even more out of himself. I will be forever grateful for his influence on my playing career, but most of all, on my life outside of basketball.

Kristen Dockery, St. Joe HS class of 2007 and State Champions, University of Minnesota 2011 graduate


“Rod really pushed me to a level that I did not know was possible. His energy and enthusiasm was infectious. Rod drove me to want more for myself and my teammates. He helped bring out a toughness within myself that I didn’t know was possible.”

Jeff Laidig, Penn HS class of 2012, Belmont University 2016 graduate


“Rod Creech’s knowledge for the game of basketball and personal training elevated my athletic potential! His programming helped me receive a D1 Scholarship and it has also translated in all other aspects of my life as well.”

Kate Jasinski, Penn HS class of 2007 , Coastal Carolina and UAB 2012 Graduate


“Rod Creech is the best of the best when it comes to training and leading. His training, coaching and mentoring was an essential key to my overall success both on and off the court. His vision and encouragement led me to receive a D1 scholarship to play ball at Western Michigan University. The friends that I made from being in the gym with me at MBA, grinding Rod’s training sessions out, are still my best friends today.

Sarah (Dreher) Workman, Niles HS class of 2006, Western Michigan 2010 graduate

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