Adult and Youth Basketball Leagues

Leagues for both Adult and Youth take place year round. Click on the image for current and upcoming league information.

Adult and Youth Soccer Leagues

Men's, Women's and Coed Adult leagues run year round.  Youth leagues run in the fall, winter, and spring. Click on the image for current and future league information.

Sign-Up is Open for our 16th annual fall indoor soccer league's at the Elkhart Sports Center!!
It is time to start thinking about Indoor soccer again as the cold air and snow will be here before we know it. Below is information about our 16th annual fall indoor soccer session.  We have been blessed over the years of not only have a lot of teams participating, but having some of the best competition around the midwest.
Why Play at the Sports Center?
  • Safe, CLEAN environment
  • Top notch competition, the best indoor competition in Northern Indiana
  • Leagues are split into "A" (most competitive) and "B" leagues (less competitive) so that all teams get matched up against other teams of like ability when we have a large number of teams entered. (*The Elkhart Sports Center reserves the right to split age groups into two separate groups if we see fit and we believe it is in the best interest of all teams involved) 
  • We handle all referee costs
  • NO ENTRY FEE for spectators to get in the door
Fall session for adult and youth will begin week of November 5th, 2018 and run through early January. 
Sign up is now open on-line at for the fall session. click on the sign-up button to register.**
**When registering on-line, you will receive an email from TM3 Sports LLC that gives you a link to go back in and register your additional roster players.  Please KEEP this email so that you can get back in to register your roster.

League divisions and expected days of play: 
  • U8 Co-Ed division - (games played on small field on Sundays) $395 / $495 
  • U10 boys 
  • U12 boys 
  • U14 boys 
  • U16 boys 
  • High School boys 
  • High School girls 
  • Men's League 
  • Adult Co-ed League
  • Futsal league - U10 - High School (games played on small field on Sundays) $395 / $495
  • Youth session each team gets 8 games plus single elimination tournament (U8 and Futsal division 6 games plus tournament)
  • Adult and Co-ed leagues will get 7 games plus single elimination tournament
  • Tournament games will be 24 minute (half) games.
  • $795.00 per team (youth) $695.00 per team (adult and Co-ed) if paid in full BEFORE your first scheduled game. 
  • If you are signing up 2 teams from the same organization, your cost will be $750 / team (youth) or $650 / team (Adult and Co-ed) if paid up front before your first game.
  • If you are signing up 3 teams from the same organization, your cost will be $725/team (youth) or $625 / team (adult and co-ed) if paid up front before your first game.
  • $100 deposit must be received to get your team on the schedule.  
  • If your ENTIRE fee is not paid before your first game, cost goes up $100 per team and must be paid in full by the third game. See payment structure at registration.
  • To qualify for this discount the entire bill must be paid in full before the first day of play by the person or entity in charge of these multiple teams. We will not except multiple payments from all the individuals on the team.  Payment must be made via cash, check, or credit card from one source. No exceptions.
All teams must either pay in full or have a $100 deposit down to get on the schedule. Failure to abide by these instructions may lead to your team being taken out of the league.  Any team excused from the league due to non-payment will not be granted any refund for past payments.
If you should have any conflicts that you need for us to know, please state them at the time you sign-up.  All conflicts will be reviewed and we will TRY to accommodate one or two requests but this is NOT guaranteed.  Once the session has started and the schedule is published, no further conflicts will be accepted. 
Player Registration:
All players must be registered on their teams' registration form before the league begins. Failure to turn in a signed roster/waiver form will lead to the team not being able to take the field for play. Any team or player determined by ESC management to have falsified age level will be dismissed from that team and from the league.  This year we will be transitioning to the US youth soccer mandated age groups for youth play by birth year.
*Age requirement for eligibility in youth soccer leagues: (players are allowed to play UP in age)
  • U8 division - birth date year -  2011 - 2012 
  • U10 divisions - birth date year - 2009 - 2010 
  • U12 divisions - birth date year - 2007 - 2008
  • U14 divisions - birth date year - 2005 - 2006
  • U16 divisions - birth date year - 2003 - 2004
  • High School divisions - you must be an active High school student with a valid High School ID
Soccer Player Cards 
Each participant must have a current/ up to date player card.  Our player card system will work as follows:
  • Cost -  A new player card is $20.  If you have your card from last year, please bring it to the front desk and pay $10 to have it updated with a new sticker.  The referees will not allow you to play in a game if you do not have a player card.
  • Handling of cards - each team/player are responsible for their own cards.
  • Rosters - all rosters will be required to be turned in by your second game. If you do not have a roster turned in by the second game, your team will not be allowed to participate in the league.
  • Referees - all referees will be EXPECTED to check player cards before each game.  One of the reasons for having player cards is to make sure that all teams are playing fairly.  This can only be implemented with our referees on board checking cards.

Adult Flag Football Leagues

Adult Flag Football leagues take place year round.  Click on the image for current and future league information.

Youth Lacrosse Leagues

Our newest league is Lacrose for youth.  This takes place during the fall and winter months.  Click on the image for current and future league information. 

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