Training Room Rules


  1. NO ONE is allowed in the training room without permission from a member of the Elkhart Sports Center management team unless you are part of the program taking place in the training room at that time as long as that event has been approved by ESC management.
  2. ONLY Futsal soccer balls are allowed to be used in the training room.  NO regulation or other size or types of soccer balls are allowed to be used in the training room.  (Futsal balls will be provided for use by the Elkhart Sports Center)
  3. NO ONE allowed inside the net area that is not participating in the event that is taking place at the time of entry into the training room.
  4. NO sunflowers seeds allowed
  5. NO hitting baseballs or softballs inside the training room unless you are inside the batting cage net or have been given approval from ESC management
  6. NO outdoor soccer shoes, football shoes, or any shoes with cleats on them are allowed to be worn in the training room
  7. NO climbing over the gate
  8. NO goal kicks or punts are allowed.  Goalies and/or others must throw the ball in.
  9. NO hanging on the soccer goals

Anyone caught violating any of the rules above will be subject to being asked to leave the premises.  Thanks in advance for your help in enforcing these basic rules and for using the Elkhart Sports Center Training facility.


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