Soccer League Rules


All soccer participants must have an up to date Elkhart Sports Center player card to participate in our leagues.


** FIFA rules apply if not modified within **


1. Elkhart Sports Center will provide one referee per game.

2. Coaches will be held responsible for their teams conduct.

3. Coaches are responsible for informing their teams of the rules and assuring all team members have correct league schedules.

4. Only coaches/managers/players are allowed in the team boxes.

5. In the event of game cancellations due to bad weather, please contact the facility 2 hours before your games scheduled start time. Elkhart Sports Center reserves the right to cancel games and reschedule them to the availability of the facility.

6. Management reserves the right to alter leagues schedules to best accommodate all.

7. All management decisions are final.

8. League fees are due before your first game for lower entry fee, or for a higher fee you can pay over time.

9. Referees decisions and judgment calls are not protestable.

10. Teams that are tied at the end of league play will follow this procedure for breaking ties.

1. Head to Head result

2. Goals Against

3. Goal differential

11. Leagues for players 

1. U8 shall play 6 v 6 (5 field players plus a goal keeper played on small field)

2. U10 through U14 shall play 7 v 7 (6 field players plus a goal keeper)

3. U16 and High School league, shall play 6 v 6 (5 field players plus a goal keeper)

4. Men's and Adult coed shall play 7 v 7 (6 field players plus a goal keeper)


1. Teams may carry a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 players on their roster.

2. Team roster/waiver forms must be presented prior to the first game before a team can take the field.

3. All players must adhere to age eligibility requirements of the designated league or tournament play in which they are registered.

4.  August 1st shall be the cutoff date for the age eligibility requirements. Anyone born August 1st or after must play in the next age bracket.

5. Players in all divisions, youth and adult, may be required to present proof of age prior to the start of any game.

6. All players entering the playing area must first sign a roster/waiver form. If player is not of legal age a parent must sign for them. Any player not on the team’s roster will be deemed an illegal player.

7. Players who do not adhere to the age eligibility requirements will be deemed illegal players. Teams knowingly rostering illegal players may be subject to forfeiture of games and players expelled from league.

8. Players may not be on 2 rosters within the same division.

9. A minimum of 4 players must be on the field at all times. A team cannot start a game with less than 4 players. Any team that cannot field four players for any reason, or has one ejection, will have a terminated match.

10. The team manager/coach will be held responsible for their teams conduct.

11. Players and coaches only are allowed in the team box area.


1. Teams are required to wear matching colored shirts and numbers are recommended but are not required.

2. Goalkeepers are required to wear different colored uniforms from both teams.

3. Home team is responsible for changing shirts should a color conflict occur.

4. No cleats allowed. Flat soled tennis shoes or indoor soccer shoes are acceptable.

5.  All players must wear shin guards at all times for their own protection unless over the age of 18.

6. All divisions U12 and under use size 4 ball. All other divisions us a size 5 ball.


1. Divisions shall play 2 equal 25-minute halves.

2. The time clock will run continuously unless the referee stops play, a serious injury occurs, or unforeseen difficulties.

3. No time outs will be allowed throughout the entire game.

4. Minimal time between games and at half time will be allowed.

5. Due to tight scheduling, NO grace or warm-up period will be given unless time allows


1. Substitutions can be made “on the fly” (while play is in progress), providing the player leaving the field is within 3 feet of the team box.

2. During a stoppage of play (i.e. Goal, goal kick) a substitution can be made.

      3. Goalkeeper substitutions must be made at a stoppage of play (referee must know).

4. The referee is not required to hold up play for substitutions.

Fouls and misconduct will be governed mostly by the laws of the game as set forth by the Elkhart Sports Center, and are as follows:

1. Blue card violation- if any player persists with behavior unbecoming or commits a violation of the rules of the game in which the referee deems, a 2-minute penalty is warranted, and that team will play a man short for the remainder of the 2 minutes during that game. Three blue cards given to one player results in a red card violation (explained below).

2. Yellow card violation- when serious foul play by any player is exhibited or an obvious goal scoring opportunity is intentionally denied, 4-minute penalty is warranted, and that team will play a man short for the remainder of the 4 minutes during that game. Two yellow cards given to one player results in a red card violation. Also, any combination of one blue card and one yellow card given to one player results in a red card violation.

3. Red card violation- a player which exhibits any violent conduct or intentionally persists with serious foul play, obscene gestures, profanity or any other violation of the game that would warrant such action, the results of these actions will be a 5-minute team penalty and expulsion from the game by that player. As a result, that team will play a man short for the remainder of the 5 minutes during that game.

               i. Any player or coach that receives a red card must leave the team area. Management may request the player or coach to leave the premise. 

         ii. Any player or coach that receives a red card must serve a one-week suspension from play. If this person is in multiple leagues, they will not be allowed to play or coach in any league play function, until their suspension is served in the league in which it occurred. If that team has a bye the next week, the same rules apply. The suspension must be served in the league it occurred.


            iii. Any player or coach receiving 2 red cards in the same session will be deemed ineligible for the remainder of the session, even if the cards were issued in different leagues.

            iv. Management may banish a player or coach for longer periods of time if the severity of the infraction is deemed so that it is warranted.

       v. All penalty minutes assessed will be served to completion.

General rules pertaining to fouls and misconduct:

1. Absolutely no violence will be tolerated for any reason.

2. No slide tackling is permitted.

3. No spitting on the turf, walls, or team boxes. Penalty minutes will be assessed for this violation.

4. No profanity, obscene gestures, or taunting will be tolerated.

5. Management reserves the right to refuse any player, coach, or spectator from participating at any time.

6. Referee’s decisions and/or decisions of Elkhart Sports Center management are final.



1. All kickoffs to start a game and half plus all kickoffs after a goal has been scored are considered indirect kicks. All restarts following a foul or by the ball striking the net and creating a stoppage of play, shall be by way of direct free kick.

2. All restarts must be taken within 5 seconds. It will be the referee’s discretion when the count begins, due to intentional delay tactics.

3. Defensive players must allow a minimum of 10 feet to the offensive player in a prompt, timely fashion. Intentional delay tactics or persistent infringement may result in a 2-minute penalty.

4. Balls which strike the side netting shall be placed 2 feet from the wall at the point where the ball struck the net along or between the white lines provided (referee judgment call).

5. Balls striking the ceiling shall be placed directly under the point where the ball made contact (referee judgment call). Should this occur within the penalty area, the ball will be brought out to the red line.

6. Players must bring the ball to a complete stop when stopping for a restart. They may also restart play without a referee’s whistle.

7. Rules for Goalkeepers:

1. They shall have 5 seconds to distribute the ball once gaining possession.

It will be the referee’s discretion when the count begins, due to intentional delay tactics. This does include playing the ball with their feet. If the keeper fails to do so, a direct free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team outside the penalty area. A goalkeeper is subject to intentional delay any time they have possession of the ball.

2. Is not allowed to use their hands on a ball played back to them from their own teammates.

3. May have a teammate serve any penalty minutes assessed on them during play, with the exception of a red card. 



1. Any coach believing the opposing team is using an illegal player, and wishes to protest, must announce to the referee while the game is still being played, of their intentions. The coach must identify the player in question. The referee will then notify the opposing coach/manager that a protest has been filed. Next he will ask the player his/her name, number and date of birth and record it on the game report. The protesting coach should then have a team representative notify the on- duty facility manager.

2. Referees decisions, and judgment calls are not protestable.

3. Games shall be deemed as forfeits for the following:

a. Any team receiving 2 red cards during a match: regardless of the score.

b. A team cannot field 4 players at any time before or during the game. If half of the game has been played and the team cannot field 4 players or does not play the second half the game is considered final at the score at half time.
c. Any players leave the team area to join in an altercation of any type.
d. Any team found guilty of using illegal players, through the proper protest procedures.
e. Any management decision deemed necessary not covered within the rules.

4. A forfeit will result in a 4-0 score to the winner. In the event of a double forfeit, 0-0 loss will be scored to both teams.

5. All decisions of management are final.

6. All teams which receive a forfeit win will use the field until 5 minutes before the next scheduled game.

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