Facility General Policies


  • All participants/players shall play at their own risk, but always in a manner that is not reckless or judged to be a detriment to the safety of others.
  • NO outside food or beverages or pets allowed in the facility. (This includes sunflower seeds)
  • No Smoking and chewing tobacco/snuff allowed inside the facility.
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship: no profanity or negative comments directed to officials, players, coaches or any spectator will be allowedFoul language and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated from players, parents, fans, ect… This includes any type of physical confrontation and/or actual fighting.  Any violation of this policy may lead to immediate dismissal from the Elkhart Sports Center.
  • Please keep your hands and feet OFF the glass, netting, and plexi-glass upstairs.  Banging on the glass/plexi-glass, boards and jumping on the soccer field glass/walls can result in removal from the facility.
  • Children under the age of 13 years old are not allowed to be in the facility without parent or guardian supervision.Children (non-participating spectators) are not allowed on the fields/courts or in the player boxes/benches. Children (non-participating spectators) are not allowed to play in the facility. This includes playing or running in the hallways with/without balls.  Non-rostered spectators are not allowed on the fields/courts or in the player boxes/benches at any time.
  • No use of sports equipment (including kicking of balls) outside there fields of play. (ie – soccer balls only on soccer fields, volleyball/basketballs only on the basketball courts) FUTSAL SOCCER BALLS only may be used on the basketball courts if the court has been reserved for such use and approved by ESC management. The Elkhart Sports Center reserves the right to confiscate any person’s ball that is in violation of this rule as well as escort or expel the person(s) that are in violation of this policy.
  • All participants at the Elkhart Sports Center must have a fully executed waiver form on file either in writing or electronically.  Failure to do so will result in not being allowed to participate.
  • Open Gym basketballs are only available during “open gym” hours and can be checked out at the front desk and require that person to leave their driver's license at the front desk while using the basketball.  If drivers license not available at $20 deposit will need to be left at the front desk.
  • The Elkhart Sports Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. This applies to anywhere inside or outside the facility.
  • No refunds after programs have begun.
  • Credit/Debit card must be on file with teams that participate in case of no shows or non-payment of bill
  • Elkhart Sports Center is not obligated to make up games due to inclement weather.
  • Absolutely no guns, knives, or weapons of any kind are allowed on the Elkhart Sports Center property.
  • A $30.00 handling fee shall be charged for any check that is dishonored and must be paid in full as a condition of any additional utilization of fields/courts at the Elkhart Sports Center.
  • No food or drinks are allowed on the main soccer field or on the training room field.
  • NO METAL CLEATSof any kind allowed inside the facility.
  • Please respect handicapped parking spots in front of the facility.  Vehicles parked illegally will be towed at the owner expense.
  • Elkhart Sports Center may be utilizing security cameras on-site, which may record video and audio of patrons of the facility. By entering the Elkhart Sports Center you are consenting to being videotaped while in the facility.
  • Elkhart Sports Center may periodically photograph activities at the facility that may result in photographs of patrons that later appear in promotional materials.  By entering the Elkhart Sports Center you are consenting to being photographed while in the facility.
  • No cleats of any kind are allowed on the soccer field or the training room field.  Only indoor type approved soccer shoes or running type shoes are allowed.
  • To maintain a “family atmosphere”, The Elkhart Sports Center reserves the right to escort/expel any person(s) in violation of, but not limited to, the above stated rules.


Elkhart Sports Center Refund policy

  • Refunds are only issued if ESC does not have the league, clinic, or program that was signed up for. This refund may be prorated for games, classes, or programs already played or participated in.
  • If someone needs to drop out of a clinic after the start of the clinic or camp, a refund will be granted minus the deposit amount.  The amount refunded may be prorated depending on the number of clinic/camp classes the individual has attended.
  • No refunds, credits, or make-ups will be given for missed games, clinics, or programs
  • No pro-rating of fees will be given for late sign-ups
  • No refunds (partial or whole) are given due to suspensions or injury

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