Basketball League Rules


  1. Two twenty (20) minute halves with running clock for youth 3rd - 4th grades.
  2. Clock stops on dead balls the last 2 minutes of each half and during time outs.
  3. 5th - 8th grade leagues will use a 12 minute stopped clock.
  4. Each team will have 5 minutes to warm up between games
  5. Men's league and High School leagues will use two 14 minute halves with stopped clock
  6. If a team is up by 25 points or more the clock doesn’t stop
  7. Two (30 ) second timeouts per half plus one floating time out
  8. Bonus on the 7th foul
  9. Double Bonus on the 10th foul
  10. Zone Defense is not allowed for 3rd / 4th Grades
  11. Full Court Press is allowed for 5th thru 8th unless you are ahead by 20 points or more
  12. In the 3rd / 4th Grade League, Full Court Press is only allowed the last 6 minutes of the game
  13. You can enter the free throw lane when ball leaves the free throw shooters hand
  14. No arguing with the referees
  15. No Trash talking or swearing
  16. Overtimes: 1st overtime is 3 minutes with one (30) second time out. Each overtime after that is 2 minutes with no time outs
  17. Each team will be asked to supply a volunteer at the scorers table
  18. Please have your teams ready 15 minutes before game time. We will start the games early if both coaches agree
  19. No food or drinks can be brought into the building with the exception of water.
  20. Please help us keep the players bench area CLEAN.
Thank you for playing at the Sports Center

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