Coerver Coaching Performance Academy update 11/4/2017

Dear Coerver Performance Academy members,

Good evening.  We hope this email finds you all doing well.
On Monday November 6th, we will begin our 4th annual winter Coerver Coaching Performance academy training program.  As we get ready for another great winter of training, we wanted to give you an update as it pertains to next week and the program in general.
1.)  Below is the updated class days and times for each class.  Some have changed and we have already communicated this to the groups that were effected by the changes.
  • High School boys, Goalies, and U13 - 15 boys - will train on Mondays from 6 - 7:30PM beginning on Nov. 6th.  
  • U11/12 girls and U11/12 boys - will train on Tuesdays from 5:30 - 7PM beginning on Nov. 7th
  • High School girls will train on Wednesday’s from 5 - 6:30PM beginning on Nov. 8th
  • U13 - 15 girls will train on Wednesday’s from 6:30 - 8PM beginning on Nov. 8th
  • U9/10 boys and girls will train on Friday’s from 5 - 6:30PM beginning on Nov. 10th
2.) The first week of training will be centered around Soccer Genius evaluations.  The coaching staff will have the field(s) set up and ready for your child(s) evaluation.  This evaluation and the one at the end of the program is included in your membership tuition fee.  Each player will be evaluated in the each category and this information will be entered into Soccer Genius database.  Each player will then receive and email to review the evaluation.
3.) In the following week we will get everyone the actual training dates for all classes through the end of the program.  There will be some days off for holidays so we want to get you all the actual dates of training.  
4.) Each player will receive their uniform kit during week two.  The cost of these is also covered in your membership tuition fee.  These uniforms are required to be worn for each training once you receive your kit.
5.) Lastly, please make sure you check in at the front desk of the Elkhart Sports Center before your training session to pay your bill if you have a balance or to pay your first payment if you have chosen a payment plan option.
If you should have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to let us know.
Kind regards,
ESC Management

Coerver Coaching Training and Camps

For more information on Coerver training and camps, please click on the image below.

Coerver Indiana Performance Academy Training

Coerver Performance Academy Training 2017-2018
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Coerver Indiana Elite 12 Year round training 

Coerver Coaching Indiana Elite 12 program details
Coerver Coaching Indiana Coerver Elite L[...]
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Coerver Futsal Training

Coerver Futsal Training
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Coerver Coaching

If you are serious about improving your soccer skills, then you need to be a part of the World's #1 Soccer Skills Training Method - Coerver Coaching!!  

This is not just another soccer training program, this is for the dedicated soccer players that are looking to really improve their skills and their game.  Coerver skills training is also not for just the young, some of the world's top soccer programs in the world, Manchester United and Japan women's soccer program, are using Coerver training everyday.  If it is good for the best programs in the world, then imagine what it can do for you!!!!!


Pablo Rodriguez, Omar Gallo, and their Coerver coaching staff will teach you the skills needed to become the best soccer player you can be utilizing the Coerver pyramid of player development. The pyramid of player development curriculum will improve your coordination, ball mastery, finishing and your understanding of the game. You will be tested on your speed and accuracy with the ball and play in competitive games every day of camp. You will be faster, stronger, smarter and more elusive on the ball. 

Player Benefits

Improve your skills, whatever your position or ability


Learn how to use the skills of the world's greatest players


Become quicker with and without the ball


Enjoy your football more regardless of ability

Coerver Pyramid

Ball Mastery - each player has a ball, high repetition exercises using both feet
Receiving & Passing - Exercises to improve a players first touch and to encourage creative, accurate passing
Moves 1 v 1 - Exercises and games that teach game winning individual moves
Speed - Exercises and games that improve acceleration, running with and without the ball and changes of pace
Finishing - Exercises and games that teach technique and encourage instinctive play around that goal
Group play - Exercises and games that improve small group combination play with the emphasis on fast great attacks

Parent/Athlete Testimonials

Coerver training has made me a better soccer player.  I like the instructors because they take the time to individually help you and teach you if you need help.  I have learned a lot and it has made me more comfortable doing my moves.  Every time we learn a new move, they make sure everyone gets to know it and then we play games at the end to make sure you can do it in a game.  I would recommend Coerver Training to other players.  It has made me more comfortable doing my moves that I used to not want to do and now I do!
Kristina Lynch
Indiana Invaders 00 Black
Indiana ODP 99 State Team




Our family consists of 5 soccer playing kids, adult referees, and a veteran league administer.  One of the kids earned 4 letters in college.  We've done it all from recreational league to ODP.  We have experienced many coaches, clubs, and camps. Any player wanting to be one of the best must commit to outside training and conditioning.  Three hours of club training a week isn't enough.


My 12 year old has played travel soccer since he was 8.  Since last fall, he went from strong player to high level premier player due to Coerver training at Elkhart Sports Center.  The biggest change is confidence on the field.  He knows he can maintain possession under pressure because he has a new "bag of tricks" to draw from.  He has learned to execute new moves with pace under pressure.  Coerver is the single biggest factor in his improvement.  He would train with Coerver Indiana every day if he could. 


Coaches Omar and Pablo are excellent instructors.  The sessions are well planned and ensure that each player is actively participating 100% of the time.  Fitness and endurance exercises are incorporated in the drills.  The kids work hard, but they have fun.  The class is progressive, so the players are always learning.  The Elkhart Sports Center is an outstanding facility. 


This program is for any player who wants to take their game to the next level. 


- Catherine Toms


My son participated in the Coerver Training this summer as well as attending the Coerver week long camp.  I am truly amazed at what an impact the training has had on his performance this fall with his club team.  The coach, as well as several parents, have commented on the improvement in his play.  Best of all, he feels more confident in his skills and his ability to possess the ball in a game situation.  My son has done soccer camps and clinics for years.  Nothing he has done in the past has had such an obvious positive impact on his play, or has been so much fun for him.  He absolutely loves coming to the training sessions!  I would recommend Coerver training to anyone who plays soccer and aspires to be the best player they can be. 

- Kendra Clayton

For more Coerver Endorsements from some of the best players and coaches in the world, click on this link -
A Letter from Coerver Indiana
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